Creating unique spaces, is what i love most about interior design


Room makeovers are specially designed to your wishes, giving you something truly special.

If it is 1 room or a complete new interior for the entire home, Interior Motifs loves working on any type of room, small or large for any budget. By detecting your style and making combinations you love, Interior Motifs can make a great room design that will suit your wishes and lifestyle. 

Whether you’re in Market Harborough or nearby in Leicestershire or Northampton, get Interior Motifs to create your Room Makeover and end up with a new interesting, sophisticated and stylish interior.


Before The Home Visit
Collect pictures of ideas and inspiration you love. You can also create a Pinterest board and share the board with me. I love seeing things before hand. Make a list of you wishes for the room(s), what you love and what you‘d like to change about the room. Tell me them during our meeting.
Home Visit
I will come to your house for an initial consultation, to see the room(s) you want to improve and identify your personal interior design style and wishes. You tell me all your wishes and I will take notes, photos and measurements. If you are not sure about the style and look & feel you want to go for, we can go through various examples and find your style.
Mood & Style Board + Layout
I will make a couple moodboards with colour ideas to catch the right style for you. In the meanwhile I will put your room in 3D as well, to show you the perfect layout options
Choose Your Favourite Layout And Moodboard

Once you have chosen your favourite board and layout, I will go into more detail. All designs will be put together in a presentation, including 3D visuals, the right colour scheme and detailed designs.
A shopping list will be added with picked items for you to choose from, matching your style and budget. We will go through colour samples and swatches during our second meeting.

Final Design

We will discuss the final presentation and product picks and I will tweak if necessary.  You then can have the room painted (or do it yourself). And buy all the products you need.


Interior Motifs will install the room at the end. We want to make sure the room looks right and exactly to the standard you would want to. 

Trust the process and your room will look amazing when it is finished. 

Benefits of a room makeover:

The benefit of getting expert advice reduces the risks of you making costly mistakes. For example, buying the wrong size of furniture or applying the wrong colour paint can be extremely pricey and frustrating.

Cost per room makeover:

As you can imagine every room is different in size and what it needs.
Designing a room where everything will be new, will cost more time then a room where flooring and a bed are already present. This is why we have to quote every room separately. 

A room design can vary from £250 – £2000.
The first one being a small bedroom where flooring is already present, to a large open kitchen diner for the last one.

We are always happy to quote for your specific project, of course without any obligation.


If you are interested in finding out more about my room makeover and interior design service, we can book in a short phone call with no
obligation to discuss your project and wishes. If you’re based in Market Harborough or Leicestershire, please get in touch, as we love
working local.




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