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Dimensions Guide
For space planning your interior design project.

* This guide is a digital purchase, the guide will be send to you by email after purchase.

The following pages are written up with lots of handy dimensions, measurements, sizing and spacing tips. You can use them at any time of your interior design project.

For anyone who is renovating a room or home or is a (starting) interior designer.

You will have all facts in one contained file and use it as you go. Easy to print out or to have on your computer. You can use it as a checklist for each room.

• How much space do you need between a coffee table and sofa.
• How high do I hang art.
• How high does a pendant go, how many pendants do I use.
• How much space do I need between my kitchen cabinets and island.
• How High does my extractor fan need to be.

The guide is for personal use and is under copyright of Interior Motifs.
The guide should not be send on or copied to other people without knowledge of Interior Motifs.

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